Elevate clinical outcomes with precision biostimulation

Our precision biostimulation technology offers a versatile solution for healthcare professionals, enhancing traditional care pathways with personalized, non-invasive treatments. 
Ideal for in-clinic, office, and hybrid settings - it aims to enhance therapy adherence and support continuous patient care. Our goal is to bridge the gap between clinical visits and home care with effective therapies designed to support Multiple Chronic Conditions.

Mechanisms of action: Beyond biostimulation

Our innovative approach to biostimulation transcends traditional electrotherapy, targeting specific cellular functions with unprecedented precision. Here, we explore the intricate science that differentiates Rhyk’s mechanisms, for a deeper understanding of its efficacy in Chronic Multi-Morbodity Care.

Advanced cellular targeting - The Rhyk distinction

Grasp the unique ways Rhyk interacts at the cellular level, using proprietary technology to stimulate cells with greater specificity and control than ever before seen in electrotherapy.

Precision modulation techniques - Elevating treatment efficacy

Discover how our precision modulation techniques tailor electrical signals to individual physiological responses, enhancing treatment effectiveness and patient experience.

Synergistic biostimulation - Collaborative cellular response

Understand our synergistic approach to biostimulation that coordinates both nerve and muscle cells' responses, facilitating therapeutic outcomes beyond the capabilities of traditional electrotherapy.

Data-driven customizability - Adaptive intelligence

Examine how continuous feedback loops and data analytics enable you to dynamically adapt treatments pathways, ensuring optimal dosages and stimulation patterns for each patient.

Multidisciplinary integration - Holistic therapeutic arsenal

Review how Rhyk integrates with a full spectrum of medical disciplines, merging neuroscience, orthopedics, and rehabilitation strategies to empower comprehensive treatment plans.

Empirical foundations, clinical validation - Scientifically substantiated

Access our evidence base, including peer-reviewed studies and clinical trials that verify its distinctive approach and results, supporting its differentiation from conventional electrotherapy modalities.

Clinical applications - treatment spectrum

Explore the spectrum of conditions Rhyk may address, from chronic pain to systemic disorders. Learn about our advanced biostimulation technology, which aims for precise, targeted therapeutic interventions, proven under research conditions. Designed with clinical efficacy in mind, tailored to enhance patient care based on ongoing studies.


Alleviates various forms of persistent pain, potentially improving therapeutic adherence and clinical endpoints


Aids in enhancing functional outcomes and provides analgesia in various musculoskeletal conditions


Offers adjunctive therapy for neuromuscular dysfuncitons in neurological conditions, like muscle spasms in MS, Parkinson's, etc


In research: potential modulation of muscle metabolism in Type 2 Diabetes based on early clinical data, assessing therapeutic implications and clinical endpoints


In clinical study: potentially supporting functional muscular recovery and physical resilience in post-treatment phases


In research: Potential to augment circulatory and vascular functions, aiming to support comprehensive cardiovascular health

Advanced Therapeutic Integration

Empowering patient care with our Certified Medical Technology and expertise

Precision biostimulation with guideline-compliant multimodal therapy concept

Targeted therapy for comprehensive management of pain, and neuromuscular disorders, and multiple chronic conditions: Our core technology offers targeted therapy, focusing on pain management as well as the multimodal treatment of multiple chronic conditions and neuromuscular disorders. Precise biostimulation based on therapy pathways allows for more effective treatments, can shorten post-surgery recovery times, reduce both symptoms and medication needs, and significantly improve the patient's quality of life.

A holistic approach aiming to ensure high compliance through wearable technology and collaborative care: Designed for flexible use in clinical, in-office, and home settings, Rhyk integrates seamlessly into healthcare workflows and patient lifestyles through innovative wearable biostimulation technology, an intuitive app, and systematic doctor-patient collaboration. This approach aims to ensure higher treatment adherence, potentially leading to sustained therapeutic success (subject to ongoing validation).

Streamline workflows and improve outcomes within value-based care models: Addressing common time constraints and staffing shortages, we aim to enhance workflow efficiency within healthcare practices by streamlining treatment processes and patient visits, potentially reducing costs, and fitting within value-based care frameworks. Rhyk's capacity to treat a wide range of chronic conditions with minimal training required for staff is currently being studied, making it a potentially valuable, versatile, and cost-effective tool in modern healthcare.

Boost patient experience and workflow efficiency, for a steady and manageable flow of patient visits: Rhyk aims to enhance the collaboration between healthcare providers and their patients, encouraging effective, personalized treatment plans. This may lead to better health outcomes due to adherence to tailored therapies. Additionally, Rhyk is designed to support a balanced workflow, potentially mitigating the frequency of unscheduled or emergency visits while maintaining necessary patient engagements. This balanced approach is intended to optimize clinic operations and support a sustainable, revenue-positive practice model. It strives to ensure clinics can provide high-quality care without compromising on patient or practice needs, presenting a model where patient well-being and practice sustainability go hand in hand

Holistic Medical Solution

Beyond just a product, Rhyk’s connected therapeutic solution is a fusion of advanced tech and interdisciplinary medical expertise, bridging the gap between patients and healthcare professionals. Fully certified according to MDR and ISO standards.

Therapeutic Algorithms

Rhyk’s algorithms, refined through 10+ years of development, leverage mid- frequency stimulation to optimize therapeutic impact.

Personalizable therapy pathways

Customizable, interdisciplinary therapy pathways integrating expertise across neurology, orthopedics, and more.

Smart Textile Wearables

Rhyk’s wearables offer targeted therapy across various body regions, merging comfort with precise treatment delivery.

Doctor-Patient- Engagement

Enhanced doctor-patient engagement, with tools for in- person and telemedical guidance, progress tracking, and optimal care coordination, in- patient/blended/homecare.

Clinical impact

Visit our study hub for an overview of ongoing trials and key research findings.

Frequently asked questions

What evidence supports Rhyk's effectiveness?

Rhyk's effectiveness is supported by ongoing clinical studies and scientific research exploring its potential in managing, treating, or supporting various chronic conditions. Our website's clinical evidence section offers insights into ongoing trials and published findings, highlighting the status and preliminary results of our technology.

Our therapy is designed to complement existing treatment plans by targeting neuromuscular dysfunction underlying many chronic conditions. It is currently being researched as a non-invasive, adjunctive option and may have the potential to enhance patient outcomes alongside conventional treatments. Suitability for each patient should be assessed based on individual clinical needs and conditions.

Rhyk is designed for a wide range of patients suffering from chronic conditions. However, we recommend a consultation to discuss specific patient cases and how Rhyk can be best integrated into their personalized treatment plans.

If you're interested in offering our precision-biostimulation therapy at your clinic or healthcare facility, please reach out directly at service@rhyk.com. We provide detailed information on the integration process, training for your staff, and ongoing support to ensure a seamless implementation. Our team is dedicated to partnering with healthcare professionals like you to enhance patient care.

Currently, Rhyk is being introduced in select insurance plans through pilot programs with specific providers. If you're interested in prescribing our therapy solution, we encourage you to get in touch with us. We may be able to facilitate access through our partners or study programs, potentially offering special terms for research collaborations that could benefit your clinic and patients. Our team is committed to expanding the reach and accessibility of our therapy and will work closely with you to explore all available options for integrating Rhyk into your practice. Please contact us for more information on how we can collaborate to help your patients.

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