Enhancing workforce health with precision care

Our goal is to strategically support employee health and physical capability, leveraging personalized biostimulation solutions - aiming to not only protect but significantly elevate worker health across diverse settings - from production floors to administrative spaces.

Protect your most valuable assets

Integrating Rhyk into workplace health initiatives can allow companies to potentially increase prevention compliance, reduce absences related to pain and musculoskeletal issues, and boost overall productivity - aiming for a healthier, more engaged, and efficient workforce

Absence prevention

Our novel biostimulation may help mitigate posture-related MSK issues and injury risks and enhance muscle vitality. It also aims to potentially delay surgeries, keep your workforce active and reduce absences

Faster recovery, less downtimes

Rhyk aims to speed up functional recovery with customized biostimulation therapies, available in-clinic or remotely. This holistic approach is designed to get employees back to work faster, potentially cutting downtime

Staff satisfaction

Elevate your status as an employer by offering Rhyk in your employee health program. Giving your staff access to our novel biostimulation solutions, you show a real commitment to employee safety and job satisfaction

Biostimulation at work - focused relief for workplace pain

Discover the innovative approach behind Rhyk’s personalized biostimulation, engineered with the intent to enhance workplace health and vitality across all job functions and settings

Tailored biostimulation

Rhyk provides biostimulation with the goal to address the unique health challenges of the modern workplace, particularly back and neck pain. This targeted approach may ease pain, and also support natural recovery processes, muscle health, and improve posture. Ideal for office environments, production lines, long-haul routes, and more. Rhyk can be a key component to maintaining a healthy, pain-free workforce.

Seamless integration

Rhyk is built for every workplace. With a portable, easy-to-use device, it smoothly integrates into daily routines. Employees can receive effective treatment in less than 15min without interrupting their workday. Whether in an office, on a production line, or during long hauls, Rhyk easily into any work environment.

Backed by science, built for you

Scientifically proven

Certified Medical Device

Trusted by leading doctors

Holistic Medical Solution

Beyond just a product, Rhyk’s connected therapeutic solution is a fusion of advanced tech and interdisciplinary medical expertise, bridging the gap between patients and healthcare professionals. Fully certified according to MDR and ISO standards.

Therapeutic Algorithms

Rhyk’s algorithms, refined through 10+ years of development, leverage mid- frequency stimulation to optimize therapeutic impact.

Personalizable therapy pathways

Customizable, interdisciplinary therapy pathways integrating expertise across neurology, orthopedics, and more.

Smart Textile Wearables

Rhyk’s wearables offer targeted therapy across various body regions, merging comfort with precise treatment delivery.

Doctor-Patient- Engagement

Enhanced doctor-patient engagement, with tools for in- person and telemedical guidance, progress tracking, and optimal care coordination, in- patient/blended/homecare.

Real impact, real jobs - improve workplace health

See how our targeted biostimulation is designed to bring relief and resilience to diverse professions and workplace health challenges like postural pain or muscle strain - aiming for better productivity and job satisfaction

Office workers - ease desk work discomfort

For office workers, long hours of sitting and bad posture aren't just uncomfortable - they're a fast track to chronic conditions, musculoskeletal (MSK) issues, including debilitating back and neck pain. Prolonged sitting not only slows metabolism, increasing the risk of obesity and diabetes but also raises the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases. Our goal is to help with that - through personalized biostimulation programs designed to ease pain, strenghten postural muscles, and enhance circulation and overall vitality. Our solutions seamlessly fit into daily routines - even into coffee breaks - and may offer a proactive approach to prevent common desk-job illnesses, and support a healthier workplace environment.

Production line workers - protect the backbone of industry

In production lines, the risk of repetitive strain, pain, and musculoskeletal disorders is high. Our technology aims at addressing these challenges with customizable biostimulation treatments for your workers. These treatments are designed to lower the risk of injuries related to poor posture and muscle strain, reduce pain, improve muscle function, and potentially speed up recovery. With Rhyk, our goal is to help production facilities keep their workforce healthy, maintain high levels of productivity, and improve the availability of their most crucial asset: their employees.

Long-haul truckers - take the road to better health

Long-haul truck drivers face unique challenges, from extended periods of sitting, chronic back pain, obesity, and common consequences. Our portable, customizable therapy solution can be easily and discreetly used after hours or during rest stops, within the cabin and without any additional equipment. Trucker drivers may benefit from less pain, reduced discofort related to their sedentary work, improved mobility, and a feeling of better overall vitality during their workdays. We want companies to benefit from a reliably available, focused, healthly, and more productive workforce on the move.

Cascading benefits - more than you expect

The benefits of Rhyk’ implementation into your corporate health management program may not only enhance employee health - but also translate into economic advantages for your company by possibly reduced healthcare costs and improved productivity.

Additional health benefits

At Rhyk, we aim to go beyond addressing common workplace health risks. Our solution may contribute to a significant improvement in employee health in general. By enhancing neuromuscular cellular function, it may also help in managing workplace-unrelated conditions, which in consequence can conribute to even fewer absences.

Proactive health strategy

Implementing Rhyk in your health programs aims at initiating a strategy of long-term benefits for your staff, potentially also lessening the need for medical interventions. We can help you cultivate a proactive approach to health management, that is essential for your organization's ongoing success.

Physical resilience & Work life continuity

We aim at enhancing injury prevention and strengthen the body’s resilience. This may lead to lower risks of sick leave and foster a more productive workforce. Moreover, a robust physical condition supports employees in maintaining high performance levels throughout their careers, ensuring they can contribute effectively up to and beyond regular retirement age.

Financial benefits

Our goal for you: comprehensive health improvements that not only benefit employee health but also provide clear financial gains. By cutting healthcare costs, reducing absences, and boosting productivity, Rhyk has the potential to positively affect your company’s financial health.

Comprehensive onboarding - intuitive use

With our consultative approach, we customize solutions specifically for your company and workforce, ensuring seamless and precise onboarding for both your organization and its employees.

Tailored solutions for every workplace

Our team works closely with you to understand the unique challenges and needs of your workplace: from operating rooms, office cubicles, to long-haul truck cabins. By evaluating risk assessments (in Germany: Gefährdungsbeurteilung), we tailor our solutions to fit your specific environment, ensuring they align with both organizational goals and employee health priorities.

Our onboarding process is designed for simplicity and efficiency. We guide your company through every step, from initial pilot setup to full integration, making the adoption of our biostimulation solutions smooth, intuitive, and straightforward for both management and staff.

We provide comprehensive training and support, equipping your team with the knowledge and tools needed to maximize the benefits of our preventive and therapeutic solutions. Our aim is to ensure that both your management and employees feel confident and informed, fully benefitting from Rhyk.

Our commitment doesn’t end with deployment. We continuously work with you to monitor, assess, and optimize the application our programs within your workplace. This ongoing support ensures that your investment in employee health always meets your evolving needs and delivers sustained value.

Tailored solutions for every workplace

Streamlined onboarding process

Our team works closely with you to understand the unique challenges and needs of your workplace: from operating rooms, office cubicles, to long-haul truck cabins. By evaluating risk assessments (in Germany: Gefährdungsbeurteilung), we tailor our solutions to fit your specific environment, ensuring they align with both organizational goals and employee health priorities.

Training & support

Continuous optimization

Frequently asked questions

How can Rhyk benefit our workplace health initiatives?

We aim to significantly enhance your health initiatives. Our goal is to prevent workplace-related musculoskeletal issues, accelerate recovery times, and improve overall employee health and productivity. Our precision-biostimulation technology is easily integrated into workplace settings, offering a proactive approach to employee health management.

Not at all. We offer comprehensive onboarding and support to ensure our solution integrates smoothly into your existing exployee health programs. Our consultative approach means we work closely with you to tailor solutions to your specific needs and workplace environment.

Yes, we can. Contact us for an individual consultation, and we'll provide case studies and information that gives insights on how improved neuromuscular function can help with workforce health in your specific industry, and how it can address your company's unique challenges.

Ready to transform your workplace health?

Take the first step towards a healthier, more productive workforce with Rhyk. Contact us now for an individual consultation and to explore case studies tailored to your company's needs. Discover the difference precision biostimulation can make in your organization. Let’s create a custom solution that works for you!