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Our innovative biostimulation targets the neuromuscular foundation of chronic conditions with a science-backed approach, offering personalized treatments from pain relief to functional recovery. Experience a new standard in health care, tailored to meet your personal therapeutic needs. Anytime, anywhere.

Modern therapy solution

Rhyk is a modern therapy solution that uses a special kind of therapy called electrotherapy to help people with various health conditions, such as chronic pain, musculoskeletal disorders, nerve-related symptoms like spasms, and support with multiple chronic conditions (MCC). This therapy is a result of combining knowledge from both the medical and physical sciences with the latest technology - aiming to improve your health in a very specific and effective way. Our medical device Rhyk Neo uses a special kind of treatment known as biostimulation or electrotherapy, which involves gentle electric currents to stimulate pain relief and other potential health benefits in the body.

What is Rhyk?

Imagine a device that can gently influence your body’s own natural processes using something as simple as mild electric currents. This is what Rhyk does. It’s designed to carefully send currents to specific parts of your body through your neuromuscular cells that need support or pain relief. This method can be especially helpful for people with conditions that affect the nerves, muscles, or both.

For whom is it designed?

Our solution is designed for adults who are struggling with certain kinds of chronic pain, diseases that affect how nerves and muscles work, or those who have multiple health issues at once. While Rhyk is not a cure for those diseases, it may provide significant help in managing symptoms. 
If you find that usual treatments aren’t giving you enough relief, or you're looking for a way to manage your symptoms without always relying on pills, Rhyk might be suitable for you.

How does it work?

The idea behind Rhyk is based on the science and the proven medical principle that the body can respond to specific electric currents in ways that promote recovery and reduce pain. By targeting these currents to the right areas, Rhyk can help wake up nerves that aren't working well, ease pain, and help muscles relax or strengthen - depending on what you need.

What benefits can Rhyk offer?

Using Rhyk may help you see improvements in how you feel and how your body functions, such as reducing the discomfort from nerve damage, easing chronic pain, and helping with recovery from certain musculoskeletal conditions. It's designed to be safe and has a low risk of side effects, potentially making it a good option for long-term support of various health issues.

Is there proof that it works?

Yes, absolutely. The development and effectiveness of biostimulation and electrotherapy are supported by extensive scientific research and medical experience. Additionally, expert healthcare professionals have conducted over 150,000 patient treatments specifically with Rhyk. Their work shows that Rhyk can be a significant help in managing symptoms of certain health challenges like chronic pain, and MSK issues, as well as support with multiple chronic conditions.

We understand that dealing with pain or chronic conditions can be challenging. Rhyk represents a hopeful step forward, aiming to offer a new way to support your condition and manage pain more effectively. It’s important to us that you feel informed and confident about the choices you make for your health. If you’re considering Rhyk as part of your care plan, we encourage you to discuss it with your healthcare provider to see if it’s right for you.


Explore the spectrum of conditions Rhyk supports or aims to address, from chronic pain to supportive symptom management of complex diseases. Understand how our biostimulation technology may offer new hope and pathways for treatment. Tailored to your life, tailored to your needs.


Alleviates various forms of long-term pain, enhancing quality of life with a targeted and non-invasive therapy


Helps improve mobility, reduce pain, and regain normal function in many musculoskeletal conditions


Offers supportive care for managing certain symptoms related to neurological conditions, e.g. muscle spasms due to MS, Parkinson's etc.


In research: Exploring how Rhyk may support metabolic balance in the context of Type 2 Diabetes, by aiding the regulation of muscle metabolism


In clinical study: Aims to support muscle recovery and regaining of stamina in post-cancer care journeys


In research: Currently investigating potential impacts on circulation and vascular function to explore systemic health improvements

Backed by science, built for you

Scientifically proven

Certified Medical Device

Trusted by leading doctors

Holistic Medical Solution

Beyond just a product, Rhyk’s connected therapeutic solution is a fusion of advanced tech and interdisciplinary medical expertise, bridging the gap between patients and healthcare professionals. Fully certified according to MDR and ISO standards.

Therapeutic Algorithms

Rhyk’s algorithms, refined through 10+ years of development, leverage mid- frequency stimulation to optimize therapeutic impact.

Personalizable therapy pathways

Customizable, interdisciplinary therapy pathways integrating expertise across neurology, orthopedics, and more.

Smart Textile Wearables

Rhyk’s wearables offer targeted therapy across various body regions, merging comfort with precise treatment delivery.

Doctor-Patient- Engagement

Enhanced doctor-patient engagement, with tools for in- person and telemedical guidance, progress tracking, and optimal care coordination, in- patient/blended/homecare.

Your path to personalized health management

Gain empowerment in your healing process. Ease your journey from clinical treatment to home care. Seamless, expert-guided pain relief that integrates into every aspect of your life

Bring clinical-grade care home

Start your recovery in the clinic or doctor's office, and continue seamlessly at home with Rhyk. Our clinical-grade biostimulation is adaptable to your specific health needs, offering personalizable, consistent care across settings. Experience the effectiveness of sustained, professional-grade therapy - anytime, anywhere.

Empowered recovery, supported by experts

Our programs are co-developed by interdisciplinary experts, including orthopedists, pain specialists, and doctors specializing in metabolism and neurology. Our goal is to provide comprehensive health benefits. By addressing conditions at a neuromuscular level, our multimodal, multifactorial approach is designed to target specific illnesses and may contribute to enhanced overall health.

Tailored to your life

Customized care that fits you. Whether you're dealing with back pain, multiple chronic conditions (MCC), recovering from surgery, or facing musculoskeletal mobility challenges - traditional treatments might not always fit into your busy life, or have undesired side-effects. Rhyk offers a versatile, non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical solution that adapts to you, not the other way around.

A partnership for your recovery

Professional guidance, at home: Extend professional care into your home, amplify the connection with your doctor. This ensures your treatment is aligned with your ongoing needs, supporting a journey that's both personalized and empowered by regular check-ins and trusted medical advice.

Oncological rehabilitation

"Surviving cancer was one part of the journey; living after was another. Rhyk's biostimulation therapy helped me in my rehabilitation, helping me rebuild strength and stamina. It's not just about surviving anymore; it's about thriving and being my real self again."

Markus, 27, Graduate Student

Jens, 51, Communication Electronics Specialist

Chronic back pain

"Working in IT and Electronics meant long hours in front of a computer, and gradually, chronic back pain became my constant companion. Choosing between pain medication and discomfort was my daily dilemma. After starting with Rhyk, I've found a balance I never thought possible. I'm not just managing pain; I'm completely ahead of it, and back to enjoying life and afterwork activities with my wife and daughters."

Shoulder recovery

"For almost two years, I battled with constant shoulder pain due to an injury, trying various treatments and therapists with no success. Just two weeks into using Rhyk, the pain gradually lessened and then disappeared completely. Months later, I'm still pain-free, and back to my training routine."

Susanne, 42, Banker

Frequently asked questions

How does Rhyk's therapy work?

Rhyk utilizes precision-biostimulation technology to target neuromuscular dysfunction, which is often at the core of chronic conditions. This non-invasive therapy stimulates cells aiming to restore their normal function, offering relief from conditions like chronic pain, musculoskeletal issues, neurological or metabolic disorders, and more.

Yes, our solution is certified for usage according to specifications for intented use (c.f. Instructions for Usage). Our therapy is fully certified according to MDR standards, ensuring it meets high safety and quality requirements. It's a non-invasive treatment designed to be both effective and safe for managing or supporting various chronic conditions, in accordance with its certification.

Rhyk's therapy is designed to be comfortable and pain-free. While experiences can vary, most users report feeling a gentle, therapeutic sensation during the treatment.

Individual experiences with Rhyk therapy can vary. Some users report feeling improvements in their symptoms within a few sessions, while for others, it might take up to several weeks to observe significant changes. We recommend consistent use to potentially achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our precision-biostimulation technology is designed to help manage and alleviate symptoms associated with various chronic conditions by targeting neuromuscular dysfunction. While it can significantly improve quality of life and may reduce reliance on traditional treatments, it should be considered as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. We encourage you to consult with your healthcare professional to understand how Rhyk can best support your health goals.

Our solution is currently only available through our network of clinical study partners and licensed healthcare providers. To start your journey with our integrative therapy, contact us directly for more information.

Currently, our therapy solution is part of pilot collaborations with select private insurance providers. As coverage may vary, we encourage you to check with your insurance company regarding the availability of Rhyk therapy in your plan. Our team is actively working to expand these collaborations to make Rhyk more accessible - for everyone, everywhere. In the meantime, we're here to assist with any information or support you might need to explore potential pathways to access our innovative therapy.