Science meets solution - relief for chronic conditions

Precision biostimulation for supporting Multiple Chronic Conditions (MCC), targeting Chronic Pain, MSK disorders, and aiming to help with certain symptoms of complex neurological and metabolic conditions

Foundations of chronic health challenges

”Chronic conditions such as chronic pain, musculoskeletal and neurological disorders often come down to one thing: our cells aren't functioning properly. Since these issues have multiple causes, our treatments should be multifactorial, too. We as healthcare professionals must aim to address foundational issues for sustainable health outcomes.”

Prof. Dr. Christoph A. Jacobi

Certified excellence, trusted safety

Inside Rhyk’s approach

Our precision-biostimulation technology works by directly targeting neuromuscular dysfunctions as a root cause of many chronic conditions. It stimulates nerve and muscle cells, aiming to restore their normal function, offering a new, additional therapy option for patients affected by conditions like chronic pain, musculoskeletal issues, certain symptoms of neurological disorders, and more.


Explore the spectrum of conditions Rhyk aims to address, from chronic pain to supportive symptom management of complex diseases. Understand how our biostimulation technology may offer new hope and pathways for treatment. Tailored to your life, tailored to your needs.


Alleviates various forms of long-term pain, enhancing quality of life with a targeted and non-invasive therapy


Helps improve mobility, reduce pain, and regain normal function in many musculoskeletal conditions


Offers supportive care for managing certain symptoms related to neurological conditions, e.g. muscle spasms due to MS, Parkinson's, etc.


In research: Exploring how Rhyk may support metabolic balance in the context of Type 2 Diabetes, by aiding the regulation of muscle metabolism

Oncological Rehabilitation

In clinical study: Possibly supports muscular recovery and regaining of stamina in post-cancer care journeys

Cardiovascular Symptoms

In research: Currently investigating potential impacts on circulation and vascular function to explore systemic health improvements

Holistic Medical Solution

Beyond just a product, Rhyk’s connected therapeutic solution is a fusion of advanced tech and interdisciplinary medical expertise, bridging the gap between patients and healthcare professionals. Fully certified according to MDR and ISO standards.

Therapeutic Algorithms

Rhyk’s algorithms, refined through 10+ years of development, leverage mid- frequency stimulation to optimize therapeutic impact.

Personalizable therapy pathways

Customizable, interdisciplinary therapy pathways integrating expertise across neurology, orthopedics, and more.

Smart Textile Wearables

Rhyk’s wearables offer targeted therapy across various body regions, merging comfort with precise treatment delivery.

Doctor-Patient- Engagement

Enhanced doctor-patient engagement, with tools for in- person and telemedical guidance, progress tracking, and optimal care coordination, in- patient/blended/homecare.

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